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Image by Natalie Parham

A script is never just a script.

A shoot is never just a shoot.

I am a freelance Producer based in Manchester.

Bringing short-form scripts to life since 2004.

From ad agencies and production companies to direct clients.

Some small, some big, some global.

Worked alongside household names behind and in front of the camera.

More than familiar with the careful handling, quick thinking and respect it takes to keep everything shipshape, and get every penny up on the screen.

A people person.

Assembling crack crews and fine-tuning schedules.

Keeping everybody happy is very much my cup of (herbal) tea.

Every kind of budgetary wrangling.

Half film nerd. Half maths fanatic.

Bang-for-buck magic comes naturally.

You want industry expertise.

You want local knowledge.

You want the thick-skinned intuition of a been-there, done-that.

You want a client-friendly, down-to-earth package.

That's me.


07772 343686

Image by Stephane YAICH
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